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Please excuse the state of the casing. It’s been sat in a make up bag for a long time!


I noticed immediately that it was strikingly similar to one of my all time favourite eyeshadows – Mac Satin Taupe!


So I swatched them to compare and couldn’t believe what I saw – They are virtually identical!


Here they are side by side.
Note how I’m hitting pan on the Satin Taupe? It really is one of my most used eyeshadows….I LOVE it!
Ruby & Millie Beige 840p on the left and Mac Satin Taupe on the right. It’s so hard to even tell the difference isn’t it?


I can’t believe I have never noticed this before!


Now priced at £10.50 each, Rubie & Millie eyeshaows are certainly not in the cheap bracket, however, they do appear to contain more product than the Mac pans. I’m not sure how many grams it contains though as it is not written on the casing.


Boots quite often give out £5.00 off vouchers for Ruby & Millie products, so the eyeshadow would only cost £5.50 in that case, which would work out to be a bit of a bargain!


Has anyone else found any great dupes?