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The Beautyblender was created by Celebrity makeup artists, Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz. They first met on the sets of Paramount Studios and were constantly asked by their celebrity clients, how they could achieve the professional finish achieved on set, at home.
After years of research they invented the Beautyblender, a bright pink egg shaped sponge that has a suede texture. The rounded shape of the sponge helps to give a nice smooth , even finish without and hard or visible edges. The shape also allows easy application to the under eye area and sides of the nose.
The Beautyblender is Latex free, non-irritating, non-arrergenic and odourless.I cannot tell you how amazingly soft this sponge is. It has to be felt to be believed!Why use a beautyblender in the first place?Rea Ann Siva states ‘Historically, cosmetic companies have only been in the business of developing and selling cosmetics. They turn a blind eye to the art of proper application and because of this, finger application has naturally become the standard.’
So why should you not use your fingers to blend foundation? Veronica Lorenz explains ‘That your fingers leave streaks, and most importantly, it’s harder to achieve balanced blending. Foundation will stick more to the fingers than the face, and using an easy to clean sponge like Beautyblender will be more hygienic to the skin.’
Using the Beautyblender
Bouncing or stippling the Beautyblender sponge on the face will help to blend in foundation, or concealer without lines or streaks, and also helps to make a flawless blush application.
To use the Beautyblender it must first be dampened with water and then towel dried to remove the excess water. It should only be damp, not wet.

The Beautyblender will swell up and grow in size once wet as shown in the picture above. Left picture is dry and right picture damp.

Then simply dip the Beautyblender into your concealer, foundation, cream blush or powders and start stippling (bouncing) on the areas that need makeup applied to. Using this technique will apply and blend the product at the same time.
You can use the different ends of the sponge for specific areas, for example, the pointy end is perfect for giving a precise and controlled application, for all those hard to reach areas, such as the edges of the nose and under the eyes. The larger end is great for applying cream blush to the cheek area.
To cover blemishes with concealer using the sponge, simply stipple and twist when applying over the spots needing extra blended coverage.
Taking care of the Beautyblender
The Beautyblender is available to buy on it’s own or in a set with the Blendercleanser (like the one I have).
The BlenderCleanser is specially designed to keep the sponge clean and in good condition. It is antimicrobial, so applying a small amount of the cleanser to the sponge and massaging it in before rinsing, will ensure it is clean and germ free, ready for use next time. The Beautyblender should then be rested on it’s pedestal (included) to air dry.
The cleanser has a wonderful lavender fragrance which I loveThe Beautyblender classic with Blendercleanser set costs £23.50 and is available to buy 
The Beautyblender can also be bought separately without the cleanser for £14.50
All products in the range can be viewed and purchased from the Beauty Blender
Here is a picture after I had applied my make up with the Beautyblender…..
I applied my liquid concealer, foundation, cream blush and cream highlighter with the sponge and as you can see it has given a really nice effect.
My verdict
The Beautyblender is a pleasure to use and feels beautifully soft (the softest sponge I have aver used) against my skin. I applied my concealer, foundation and cream blush with it and it was very easy to use. I used the stippling technique as recommended and it worked perfectly. It is expensive for a sponge, however it is a high quality sponge that will last a long time if properly cared for , and therefore, in my opinion, is most certainly worth investing in.
I’ve always avoided sponges for applying my makeup as the last time I used one it streaked and was awkward to use, probably due to it’s shape (like a wedge). However, due to it’s egg shape, the Beautyblender is far easier to use and does get into those hard to reach areas, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it didn’t streak at all.
After application, my make up looked smooth and had an airbrushed look about it (no, seriously it did!) . There were no streaks or lines of demarcation evident, just perfectly applied foundation. I also applied my cream blush with it. I have never used a sponge to apply cream blush before as I mainly tend to use my fingers or a brush, however, using this method did give a lovely flawless result.
So overall, the Beautyblender applied my make up both seamlessly and flawlessly. It was incredibly easy to use, distributed my foundation easily, and gave my skin a soft focus, airbrushed effect finish. It’s an incredible all in one tool, that can be used for not only foundation, but also concealer, cream blush and powders.