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Before I became ill prior to going away, I had plans to nip into town to Mac and pick up a lipstick that I’ve been wanting for a while.


Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be as I became ill, and couldn’t get there in time before I had to leave for my visit to my parents. I was pondering in the car on the way, trying to think where there would be a Mac counter in the North East. When a girl wants a lipstick she wants it now, right? 😉


I had no idea (really should have googled before I left *slaps head*), so I thought I would have a look if we went into Newcastle city centre. I really wanted the lipstick for a planned night out with friends while I was away. I had the whole make up for the evening envisioned and needed the lipstick for the look.


So anyhow, we did end up going into Newcastle and we parked in the Eldon Square Shopping Centre. As we left the car park and came into the shops we went past John Lewis and my fella asked whether there would be a Mac in there, and knowing there isn’t one in my local John Lewis I told him probably not. Then we approached Fenwicks and right there just inside the entrance was a Mac counter!


To say I was overjoyed would be an understatement! I was ecstatic, and I couldn’t get in there fast enough! I would finally get my hands on the lipstick I’d not only been wanting for ages, but also the one I HAD to wear on my night out!


That lipstick is……….


…….Girl About Town!


This is the most amazing pink ever! I am truly head over heels in love with it and wished I had bought it yonks ago! It is so pigmented and lasts forever on the lips. It hardly faded throughout the evening and only needed a couple of reapplications. I had a hard job removing it too when I got in. Not even my oil based cleanser was completely taking it of, and the next morning my lips looked like they had a stain on them! That’s lasting power for ya!


Here is a swatch of it on the lips…..


I wish I had taken a picture of my make up look for the evening but I forgot! I basically kept my eye make up very minimal. A bit of gold eyeshadow with black winged liner.