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It’s now the beginning of week 17 using the Boots Smooth Skin by iPulse on my underarms.
The pictures below show the progress I have made using the device over the last few weeks. All pictures were taken just prior to shaving and using the device. All pictures show 1 weeks growth approx.

I have been advised by a science expert at iPulse regarding the stubborn patches of hair in my left underarm.


I have been advised to concentrate only on the stubborn sections and to apply slightly more pressure than normal. This should specifically target melanin in these last few follicles. Once these hairs have been treated, I am only to treat if/when hair growth appears, as treating the whole area unnecessarily will just waste shots. This advice has been invaluable and I have taken on board all that has been suggested.


I’m actually really pleased to report this week that my right underarm is finally bald, apart from literally a couple of stray hairs! Yay!


My left underarm still has that pesky patch of hair growth. However, it is not as bad as last week and the rest of the underarm is bald so I have concentrated only on this area this week.