Saturday, 27 November 2010

Sleek Sparkle Palette


I'm so exited about this new limited edition 'Sparkle' palette by Sleek. It was released on Thursday and I couldn't wait to get me hands on one!


There are 9 glittery eyeshadows, two pearlescent, and the usual matte black shade. The colours in this palette are so twinkly and beautiful. It's hard to capture on camera just how sparkly they actually are. The glitter particles that the shadows contain are really finely milled, and they look absolutely amazing under artificial light!

Here are the swatches (taken under artificial lighting). they are so much more twinkly than this in the flesh......


They are so gorgeous. I could take or leave the Gold Ribbon and Tinsel shades but I'm in love with the others.

The eyeshadows are rather soft and I predict at this stage that there will be a lot of fallout on application. So I think that it would definitely be best to apply the eyeshadows first before any other make up, such as foundation, otherwise there will be glitter everywhere!

Such a beautiful palette....will be creating a look with it very soon.!


  1. That is gorgeous! I would love to see an EOTD

  2. A friend is sending me this palette from the UK and I can't wait! It looks amazing! x

  3. this looks GORGEOUS ... cranberry is my favouritest in the palette by far!