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”The new Volumizer mascara works in just 2 steps to build up to 11 x more volume, clumpfree.

Choose the volume that suits best your style or the occasion:

Use Step 1 for extremely defined lashes with 2 x more volume, perfect for the day or if you want to focus on your lips.

Use Step 1+2 for dramatic lashes with up to 11 x more volume with no clumps, perfect if you want the ultimate showstopping eyes.
What do I think?

Well I’m not that impressed to be honest. Step one gave me a tiny bit more volume and length. I liked the brush on step 1, but the step 2 brush was clump city. I literally had to wipe 90% of it off the brush before I could put it anywhere near my lashes. The result is not that impressive either. The Step 2 picture above shows the best I can do without it beginning to clump. This is after one light coating. Once I try to apply more than this it looks atrocious….a big clumpy mess. I don’t know where the 11x more volume promise comes from, perhaps they mistook volume for clumps? You would most certainly achieve 11x more clumps than with a rival brand for sure!

So to sum up…’s a definite disappointment. If anyone is thinking of buying this, I wouldn’t bother. There are way better Mascaras than this in the same price range or cheaper. It’s not worth the £10.49 price tag in my opinion.

I’ve noticed that Rimmel have introduced a similar one to their line, a Day 2 Night Mascara that promises 15x fuller lashes! I wonder if that one is any better?